How to Sex Chickens – What You Need to Know


Baby chicks are all so fluffy and cute, but to the untrained eye, it's difficult to tell the boys from the girls. Knowing the gender of chicks is essential but how to sex chickens is a question not easily answered. If you are raising them in a suburban area, your local council may have imposed

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Winter Chickens – What You Need to Know Before Winter Strikes


The Diminutive winter chicken is a surprisingly tough bird and can handle weather extremes which would have most humans shivering in their boots. It’s all thanks to the layers of downy feathers hidden underneath the outer plumage, which chickens can manipulate and use to control their body temperature. The Winter Chicken In cold weather, the

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Chickens Aren’t Laying? Here are 7 Reasons why


Chickens aren't laying? If you’ve become accustomed to receiving a certain amount of eggs from your flock each week, it can be quite disconcerting when your usual collection routine comes up empty or produces a significantly reduced harvest. Chickens can have off days, but if subsequent egg runs also fail to deliver, many chicken owners

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Broody Hen Guide – The Best Tips and Tricks


Broody hens can occasionally be an inconvenient situation that requires you to intervene and break the cycle. However, having a broody hen in the flock can also be an advantage in the right circumstances. Identifying a Broody Hen A hen that can be classified as broody is a hen that is dead-set on hatching chicks,

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Introducing New Chickens To Your Flock


Chickens have their own form of government we humans call the "pecking order," and it doesn't take kindly to strangers attempting to enter the fold. there is more to Introducing new chickens than one might think. Here's a quick guide with the steps you must take.   The pecking order demands that you use a

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Understanding the Pecking Order


Chickens are social creatures. Well, they are too a point; anybody who has tried to add new chickens to their flock can attest that there are certain situations in which chickens will become quite anti-social (Introducing New Chickens To Your Flock). Yes, in fact, the pecking order does not just exist in the work place...

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Chicken Definitions


If you’re new to keeping backyard chickens, the nuances of language most fowl may be starting to ruffle your feathers. If talking about booted chickens conjures images of animal abuse, a straight run means traffic was great, and the term ‘autosexing’ gives you funny ideas, we’re here to educate you on the language with these

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Which Chicken Breed Should you Choose?


If you’re new to the idea of keeping chickens and have just started your research on which chicken breed, then you’re probably a little stunned right now about just how many different chicken breeds from which to choose. Also, have a read of our beginners guide (The First Year - Chicken Beginners Guide for Australian

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Australian Council Poultry Laws State by State


Australian Council Poultry Laws State by State   A lot of good can come from raising chickens in suburbia. With proper care and attention, a flock of chickens with free reign of the backyard are an excellent green solution for weed and pest control, but those aren't the only benefits. Chickens will also keep your garden

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Chicken Feed – Step by Step Australian Beginners Guide


As chickens grow from tiny little fluff balls into fully feathered adults, their nutritional needs change over time. Let's begin with this definitive beginner's guide to chicken feed.   As the chickens reach certain milestones, it’s important to adjust their dietary intake to ensure you have healthy and happy fully-grown birds keeping you in a

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